Ten Thousand - Manufacture Or Natural Defect

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All of these games didn’t pass our quality control assessment BUT they are still completely useable. Absolutely perfect for the RV or cabin/lake house.


Some of the defects in these games are as followed


-Knots on the board

-Chips on the back or front

-Darken spots in the letters

-A miss cut, the board might not be 100% straight or it might be cutoff at the bottom

-Slightly misshapen peg holes (pegs still fit nicely)


*I have attached pictures of what the defects may look like*



All games will include a set of rules and the necessary pegs to play. Dice or cards not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Audra Kover
So impressed

Very satisfied with a beautiful product and even though there was a delay for health reasons they were kind enough to put in a bonus small Euker board in with my order…much appreciated!! Hope you are better now:)


I bought 6 boards and gave 3 away as gifts. They are gorgeous and even though it took awhile to receive, they came in perfect condition. Well worth the wait.

Susan Still
10 thousand

Love it

Rochelle Leonard
Great Product

I have three different boards now and love them all.

Fran Campeau

I purchased this as a gift for next Xmas, lol and I haven’t even opened the package yet.